Opondo Ochieng online scammer

Opondo Ochieng was not ready for a novice to apprehend him. Least of all by a Ugandan living in Kenya, who claimed not to have known the risks associated with using a weak password while using the internet. 

With a short fuse, he fought the long approach and ended up shorthanded. He was proficient at hacking emails, online accounts, websites, and software with heightened security as a JKUAT University student studying computer science. 

He got away with at least Kshs. 3.87 million from scamming just last year, which made him wealthy and able to pick on the buttocks of attractive but refined slay queens in the city. 

He had no idea that Geoffrey Kinegaruba, a middle-aged guy from Uganda who was spending a lot of money, had been man-marked as a target. 

Opondo Ochieng gained easy access to his Facebook account and was able to gather the information required for the completion of his operation. 

All was calm when he used a fictitious email address to create his PayPal account and stole more login information from Geoffery via phone hacking. Nothing appeared wrong, even after he took out all of his Ksh 643,540. 

He didn't get alarmed until he began to see floating snakes that were trying to eat his head. Before long, he was unable to eat, sleep, relieve himself, or even surf the internet without seeing the same hideous, hissing pictures. 

He was in the hospital with an excruciating headache that wouldn't go away, regardless of finishing an entire basket of medications, when he contacted Geoffrey to plead for compassion. There were snakes everywhere, giving him oblique glances that suggested he would soon be their dinner. 

It turns out that Kinegaruba is not only an expert at making money but also has an extensive understanding of indigenous herbalists known as Kiwanga Doctors. 

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After Opondo Ochieng stole his money, he called Dr. Kiwanga at +254769404965 and carried on drinking Jack Daniel's with not one, not two, but three attractive women, all the while understanding that he would have his money back in a matter of minutes.


Opondo was required to refund the whole sum in addition to a substantial fine of Kshs. 100,000 in order to undo Dr. Kiwanga's potent spells. He knew that his scamming tactics had hit a solid brick wall, so he walked out of the hospital in sorrow. 

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  • Dream Revelation Spells: Gain insights into your surroundings and identify potential threats.
  • Good luck spells: Those with bad luck in their endeavours can be cleansed and enjoy life.

Among additional conditions, he treats manly weakness, syphilis, gonorrhoea, diabetic ulcers, hypertension, and TB. In addition, the doctor resolves difficulties in love, family, business, and other areas of life; he also raises your luck to win the lottery, win legal battles, get promoted at work, and drive out bad spirits and nightmares. 

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