a scorpion allegedly stung him on the testicles

A guy from Southern California has filed a lawsuit against a Las Vegas luxury resort for damages after a scorpion allegedly stung him on the testicles as he slept there.

According to Michael Farchi of Agoura Hills, the ordeal caused him unbearable anguish, and he is still dealing with residual health problems months later.

According to what Farchi told Eyewitness News, he and his family were sleeping at the Palazzo Tower of the Venetian on December 26 when he was abruptly awakened.

"I woke up experiencing sharp pain in my private area," he remembered. "While sleeping, the ache persisted. Its nature eluded me. When I reached beneath the blankets to check on things, I felt a sudden, excruciating pain."

According to him, the tiny, poisonous bug stung him at least three or four times before he discovered it was still attached to his underwear.

It is unclear which scorpion species are hazardous and how their venom works. The spider seems to be around an inch long in the photos sent by Farchi and his lawyer.

He reported the incident to the hotel personnel and received treatment at a nearby hospital. He says that he was still obligated to pay for the hotel.

The sum for which he is suing the resort remains unknown.

"Everyone residing in Vegas needs to come into contact with deadly scorpions while they're sleeping, let alone on their private parts, their testicles," said Brian Virag, his legal representative.

Eyewitness News has contacted the hotel for a response.

With the following statement given to a Las Vegas television station: "The resort has standards for every occurrence, and we can verify that they were strictly adhered to in this occurrence."

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