President William Ruto housing project

The administration plans to demolish more buildings nationwide in order to make room for the building of reasonably priced homes.

The authorities chose and earmarked 575 parcels totaling about 12,000 acres for the projects, according to Alice Wahome, cabinet secretary for land and housing.

The county and the national government plan to demolish the old estates located on some of these properties. At the moment, some demolition is taking place.

In response to questions in the Senate, Wahome stated that out of the 575 parcels, 62 plots of land totaling 780 acres had been located in the counties of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru.

Wahome claims that ministries, counties, departments, authorities, and MPs who submitted the pieces make up the land bank for the affordable housing initiative.

"Not every parcel that has been selected will be utilised for the Affordable Housing Programme since some of them don't match the requirements for possible projects and aren't suitable locations. Nonetheless, these lands would be kept in the land bank for potential future use, "she said.

Wahome was answering a query from Marsabit Senator Mohammed Chute, who was interested in finding out the estimated cost of each piece of government-owned property set aside for the project.

The government aims to construct 200,000 housing units or more annually in order to close the housing deficit while offering young people jobs.

The CS said that in order to attract investors to build the homes, the state is closely following acquisition regulations. The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act governs the procurement process.

The parties have mutually agreed upon and discussed the conditions. Before development begins, the developer and client mutually agree upon a contract agreement for each project, according to Wahome.

She acknowledged that while the residences would be constructed on public property, the developer would not be allowed to transfer the plots.

Wahome claims that since the contracts are carried out in accordance with the Sustainability Procurement Portfolio Methodology, the developers are able to be officially recognised as key partners and are thus eligible for the incentives.

"The project aims to increase home ownership and bring advantages to the end buyers," she said. The ministry is currently working on seven properties totaling 116.5 acres in Nairobi and Nakuru counties, but it has already completed two projects in Park Road, Nairobi County, and Bondeni, Nakuru County.

The first flagship initiative for low-income housing is the Park Road Housing Project in the Starehe constituency.

There are 1,370 affordable housing units on its 7.9-acre lot. There are 806 three-bedroom homes, 480 two-bedroom units, and 84 one-bedroom units in the complex.

There are 605 housing units in the Bondeni project, including 180 two-bedroom homes, 380 three-bedroom units, and 45 one-bedroom units. According to Wahome, the counties of Nakuru and Nairobi are home to seven active projects.

While not currently underway, there are proposed developments being considered in the counties of Mombasa and Kisumu.

Kibera Soweto East Zone B Housing Project is a housing project that has 4,054 units total, 1,740 of which are one-room homes, 1,690 are two-room units, and 624 are three-room units.

Among the amenities found in the development are an internal access road, boreholes, floodlights, a primary school, a kindergarten, commercial space, a health facility, and recreational facilities.

In Nairobi's Shauri Moyo-Kamkunji constituency, the project includes 4,556 housing units, divided into 348 studios, 696 one-bedroom apartments, 2,104 two-bedroom units, and 1,408 three-bedroom units. It has 22 acres of land.

The housing project at Mukuru Met Site has 3,076 dwelling units spread over 13 lots. There are 5,616 bedsitters in Lot 1, 3,024 one-bedroom house units in Lot 2, and 4,608 two-bedroom house units in Lot 3.

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