Ali Hassan Joho for presidency 2027

Hassan Ali Joho, a former governor of Mombasa, has received the support of elected officials connected to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) for presidential bid 2027.


In order to take office as the sixth president of the Republic of Kenya, the leaders declared it was time for Coast to enter the fight for the statehouse.

 Speaking at a food distribution event for Muslims in the midst of Ramadan at Nidhamia Hall in Malindi, which was attended by over ten legislators—including senators, women representatives, and members of parliament from Kilifi, Mombasa, and Kwale—the leaders openly advised Joho, who was in attendance, to push forward with his agenda because they fully supported it.

Among those in attendance were the host and outspoken Malindi MP Amina Mnyazi, senators; Stewart Madzayo of Kilifi, Boy Juma Boy of Kwale, and Mohamed Faki of Mombasa; also present were Getrude Mbeyu of Kilifi, Mishi Mboko of Kisauni, Rashid Benzimba of Kisauni, Harrison Kombe of Magarini, and Machele Mohamed of Mvita.



A number of MCAs from Mombasa, Kilifi, and Kwale were also there, along with Fikirini Jacobs, the leader of the Coast ODM Youth.


After announcing his desire in running for president, Joho received support, but since then, people have started advising him to take it easy and consult with others.


He said that he would not resign from his position as party leader until he was elected president.


Senator Stewart Madzayo of Kilifi, for his part, advised Coast residents to be together and avoid political division in order to ensure that Joho is elected president.


Ali Hassan Joho for presidency 2027

He said that Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho ought to replace Raila once he leaves for the AUC.


"Of all those who aspire to succeed Raila, none are as good as Joho, so let's come together as brothers and make sure we stand by Joho," he said.


Amina Mnyazi, a vocal member of parliament representing Malindi, publicly pleaded with the people to let her to join Joseph in his nationwide presidential campaigning because she was committed to seeing him take an important job.


Some members of the Coast ODM leadership are supporting Joho.


Since Joho is the only leader who has the ability to elevate the area to a new level, she said it is time for coastal leaders to unite and provide their full backing to his presidential quest.


He said, "We want everyone here, including the media, to make sure that Joho is featured in every mainstream media outlet on social media, including NTV, Citizen, KTN and all others."


Likoni MP Mishi Mboko and Mombasa Woman Representative Zamzam Mohamed said that Joho was receiving backing from the whole Coast area and urged everyone in authority to back his candidature.


Representative Getrude Mbeyu of Kilifi Woman remarked that the former governor of Mombasa is very competent due to his good education and money.


"President Ruto can only be defeated by Joho. He is the only person who has faced down former President Uhuru Kenyatta in Mombasa before and has no fear of anything," the Mbeyu said.


MCA Shela Ward Twahir Abdulkharim pleaded with the ODM leaders to back Joho, saying that only he has the strength to overcome President Ruto.


Ali Hassan Joho for presidency 2027

"Let's avoid tribalism if the nation is one, and Joho is the leader of the ODM party," he said.


Kilifi County's Fikirini Jacobs, an ODM Youth leader, said that the coast should produce the next president and encouraged all coastal leaders to back his candidature, noting that he has worked very hard to reach this point.

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