After finishing high school, Leonard Kibati says he was thrown to the street to feed himself, as his parents had little to nothing to take him and his three brothers to high school and college, respectively.


Leonard started his rambaramba business in the nearby town, just 20 kilometres from his village near Kalawa, and it picked up as he started during the summer heat season.

That propelled him to another level. Thanks to his grandmother, who left five cows for them. His cow had sired twice and could sell to make his capital.

Sickman in Makueni, kenya

"My grandmother had left us with one cow each. My cow had sired two more. So I figured out how these three cows would take me out of poverty and later get me back to school. So I sold two cows to start my Rambaramba distribution business," he said.

Now, his business was seasonal and had little to do during the rainy and cold seasons. So after a year, he started a small hardware store. Due to envy, he said that some of the villagers bewitched him. He ran the two businesses successfully, but later he became sick. 

"I became very sick. Surprisingly, all the hospitals I visited had different results. I continued milking my business for health until I closed down all my businesses. My friends informed me that my mother was associated with a group of witchcraft practitioners in the village. So I packed my things and went back to the village," he added.

Leonard spent every dime to get well. That squandered and liquidated his businesses. He had to close the shops and pack things back to his village. As he was in the village, he got rumours that his mother was behind the woes. 

He told one of his brothers, who was a Form 4 candidate at one of the schools in Makueni. They involved his uncle, and rest assured that all will be fine. His sickness lasted for a long time with direct medication. Each diagnosis gave different results in different hospitals.

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"I told my younger brother. Then we briefed Uncle. The uncle also told my dad, and immediately they took action. After their agreement, my mother was to cleanse us. Kwa hivyo tukaenda kuoshwa na mama. She conducted some rituals, and after a week, my disease had disappeared," Leonard said.

Their uncle involved their father, Kibati Mutheu, and agreed to take action. The father told his wife to make sure the child was safe and recovered; otherwise, he would do something terrible to her. The mother organised a clean-up party to conduct some rituals to clean their child, and the disease disappeared miraculously.

The man, however, was not content to know that his wife was a witch and could repeat the same with another child. True to his mind and thinking, their lastborn began to have symptoms of ebola. However, that did not materialise after getting contact from a friend who wanted to help him secure his family for good.

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"Kiwanga Doctors helped us secure our future back on track. I completely recovered from the mysterious disease. I sold the last cow and went back to revive my lost business."

His friend gave him contacts of powerful men in Kiwanga, the Kiwanga doctors+254769404965. The doctors had a powerful spell that drove off the ebola-like disease. They assured him that such things would never occur to his children. 

The Kiwanga doctors also told him to meet one of their specialists, and he was given a powerful spell to drive away demons and bad luck and restore dignity.

Kalawa village in Makueni county

Kibati Mutheu says the spell also made everybody cleanse and begin a new life. His wife could not bewitch his children anymore.

Leonard asked his father to give him the contacts of the Kiwanga doctors. He visited them, and surprisingly, the results were unbelievable. He had one cow left. He sold the cow to revive his business. Just within a year, he had opened three branches in Nairobi.

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