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DJ Joe Mfalme, a well-known DJ in Kenya, is currently being held by the police as a result of the death of a DCI officer who was stationed at the Kabete Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Among the four individuals who were taken into custody for the brutal beating of a police officer who later passed away, DJ Joe Mfalme was one of them. Placed under arrest at the Kabete police station. Faced with charges of murder.

Inspector Felix Kelian Kentos passed away on March 16, 2024, and the incident has led to the arrest of four suspects. Among the suspects is Joseph Mwenda Munoru, also known as DJ Joe Mfalme.

Police officers make up three of the four individuals. Joe Mfalme, the DJ, does not consume alcohol and does not smoke. The local man is extremely disciplined in his professional life. He and three other traffic police officers are now facing charges for attacking a deceased Directorate of Criminal Investigation officer at the Texas Club.

Detectives from Kabete police station arrested the DJ, his bouncer, his driver, and his photographer on Friday after they allegedly assaulted and severely injured the DCI officer, according to the police.

The officer had been involved in a traffic accident in Kikuyu at approximately four in the morning, but he did not sustain any injuries as a result of the incident.

On Friday, the officer passed away while he was receiving medical care at the hospital located in Nairobi West.

On account of the injuries he experienced as a result of the DJ beating him, he was currently receiving medical treatment but later passed away. Police have placed the DCI officer's body at the Umash funeral home while the probe continues.

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