Man tragical impregnates his daughter

Tragically, one witness described the moment they left their child in the care of her father and returned home to discover that she had recently given birth.

According to a lengthy item that ran on the Afrimax channel, the mother was so distraught by what had happened at home that she finally decided to give up and embrace her daughter's decision to live with her as a co-wife.

As stated in the article, the mother's pain was so great that she considered filing for a divorce. However, she ultimately decided against it since she knew it would only serve to deepen their animosity and promote family strife.

"She recognised that sending her husband to jail wouldn't be an acceptable option after she sought to sentence him to jail for forcing their kid to spend nights with him and getting a child," Afrimax said.

Having an intimate relationship with her father was something the daughter really disliked, but she couldn't erase the fact that she had already given birth to a child with him.

"It was the wrong decision to leave her partner for an extended period of time," the mother recognised after contemplating, which triggered amorous sentiments in her daughter. According to the report, she made the decision to forgive, and now they all get along well as a mixed family.

Because, as the old adage goes, "where there's smoke, there's fire," they decided to put the incident behind them and work together to address what had transpired.

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