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Why Fiji bottled water is very expensive and it goes for Kes 650 a litre, that is Sh 600 more than the normal water bottle on the street and Sh 500 than the Kenyan expensive water Keringet.

People would like to get explanation as to why it costs almost 10 times than Keringet?

Reasons why Fiji Water is very expensive

Here are some reasons why Fiji Water is expensive 

  • The water is shipped from the Fiji Islands, which increases the cost due to transportation costs, logistical planning, and shipping fees.
  • Fiji Water is sourced from an underground aquifer, which is a natural filter and adds to the cost.
  •  The bottling process is mo re complex due to the custom design of the bottles.
  • Fiji Water is marketed as a luxury product, which contributes to its premium price.
  • Consumers perceive Fiji Water as a high-end product due to its unique taste, mineral composition, and association with luxury experiences.

@abeegeexi explained further on a post on X about why the brand is the most expensive water brand globally.

He said, " I personally noticed that brand back in 2018 while on a trip to Germany, later on the branding idea made me attend a conference animated by Mr David Gilmour who brought that water from a very isolated island part of the Fiji Islands to the world. 

" The fact that the source of that water is still pure untouched by man, the fact that the Island is so remote, makes the water free from all kind of pollution and makes the water probably the purest water in the world! The creator of that water brand made several other inspiring projects during his time."

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