Kaka and his ex-wife photo

The explanation that ultimately resulted in the end of her relationship with Kaka, the troublesome Brazilian national team central midfielder, has shocked the globe in regards to his ex-wife.

Caroline Celico reportedly told El Futibolero US that she broke up with Kaka because he exhibited "excessive perfection" in their relationship, never having cheated on her or treated her badly.

Despite how unbelievable it seems, the Brazilian star's ex-girlfriend said that he never harmed her in any way; rather, he was just sad.

"I was never really happy, even though Kaká never deceived me, treated me well, and gave me a great family. She lamented that he was "too perfect" for her.

Many have taken issue with the ex-boyfriend's remarks after they went viral on social media, claiming that they imply the soccer player's time with AC Milan and Real Madrid was dull.

Their marriage obviously didn't survive, and in 2015, they declared their split, despite Kaka's reputation for classiness both on and off the pitch.

Throughout their nine-year marriage, they gave birth to two children. Eduardo Scarpa, a businessman, seemed to have finally found the happiness he was seeking in his marriage to Caroline Celico.

The world's most decorated football player, Kaká, who won the World Cup, Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, and several other tournaments throughout his stellar career, is now married to Carolina Dias Leite, his longtime lover. In 2007, Kaka also won the Ballon d'Or.

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