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In response to the government's offer about the readiness of posting letters for medical interns, the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has rejected the offer, stating that it is inadequate.

Since March 14, medical professionals have been on strike because the government has failed to assign interns and the health ministry has disregarded the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that the medical professionals reached in 2017.

On Tuesday, Felix Koskei, the Chief of Staff of the State House and the Head of the Public Service, made the announcement that a Ksh.2.4 billion allocation will be made for the posting of all qualifying medical interns.

Beginning on Thursday, letters will be made accessible for collecting. KMPDU, on the other hand, maintains that they were not a part of the conversations that led to this proposal and that there were no agreements that were both explicit and legally enforceable for physicians to return to work.

Davji Atellah, the secretary general of the KMPDU, conveyed his discontent by asserting, "Our non-participation in negotiations, despite covert efforts to confront the substantial and enduring challenges within our country's healthcare system, undermines the entire undertaking."

Prior to interns being allowed to resume their work, he underlined the need to obtain pledges that are both legally enforceable and recorded in order to satisfy the requests that were expressed in their formal application.

Atellah highlighted that medical interns would not be able to collect their internship letters until their demands were satisfied and the collective bargaining agreement of 2017 was completely implemented.

He expressed his disapproval of the term "medical student interns" being used to refer to interns, arguing that this term undervalues the significant role that interns play in the healthcare industry. In addition, he saw the planned reductions in compensation as illegal and in violation of the regulations that govern the labor market.

In an effort to find a solution to the health crisis, the physicians' organization has reaffirmed its readiness to participate in inter-party negotiations. A number of grants and scholarships were also included in Koskei's offer for qualified medical professionals who were interested in pursuing postgraduate studies.

On the other hand, discussions between the KMPDU and the Health Ministry have been unable to progress, which has resulted in a rising crisis in the healthcare system.

The physicians complain that the government has not complied with the directions issued by the court, that they have intimidated them, and that they have refused to address their concerns.

The crisis at hospitals ranging from Level 2 to Level 5 has been made worse by the fact that clinical officers joined the strike on Monday, which has made the situation even more dire.


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