Radio Lake Victoria 92.1 FM

The overflow of water from Lake Victoria has flooded Radio Lake Victoria 92.1 FM, a well-known Luo radio station in Nyanza that was located near Dunga Beach in Kisumu.

Radio Lake Victoria 92.1 FM serves the Lake Victoria Region in East Africa, serving as the Voice of Lake Victoria. In addition to airing news across the Lake Victoria Region, Radio Lake Victoria 92.1 FM also plays an integral part in the community's awareness of the need to preserve the flora and wildlife surrounding the lake. 

In addition, the station provides entertainment with traditional sounds from the area, such as the ohangla and nyatiti music that is popular among the Luo community.

With the torrential rains that have been occurring in Kisumu County, this sad tragedy takes place at a time when over 5,000 people have been forced to relocate. 

The rains have caused backflow, which is a flow of water from Lake Victoria in the opposite direction. As a consequence, a great number of residences have been submerged and are now isolated.

Among those affected are the sub-counties of Nyando, Kadibo, and Kisumu Central. Benson Leparmorijo, the Commissioner of Kisumu County, reports that evacuated families have sought safety in various evacuation centers, while some have sought temporary accommodation in schools.

According to Leparmorijo, "We have families that are residing in camps, while others have been accommodated by relatives in elevated areas in order to reduce the risk of loss of life."

Sindo town in Homabay flooded

The commissioner strongly recommended that those living in areas that are prone to flooding move to higher ground in order to secure their safety and access to assistance.

In addition, he notified me that relief food has been supplied to families who have been impacted at emergency centres and that the Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the county administration, has implemented steps to provide medical support.

Additionally, the Kenya Red Cross is actively participating in the evacuation of trapped families, concurrently with efforts to reroute the water flow. Excavators have been sent to Kadibo and Muhoroni in order to make the process of clearing drainage systems easier.


Bad situation in Kabonyo Kanyagwal in Kano within Nyando Constituency after Lake Victoria breached its banks. Everything is flowing out of control. Schools and homes are multiple feet below the lake surface.

Sindo town in Homabay flooded

 Also famous on the private beach front, Yatch Club in Kisumu is submerged by Lake Victoria's water backflow as well as in Homabay County where it flooded Sindo Town. 

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