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Divisive minister 'Mbegu ya 310' is a notorious scandal that Pastor Victor Kanyari has addressed. Defending his truthfulness in the face of allegations that he conned congregants, Kanyari—who is notorious for his contentious practices—elucidated the matter during an actual conversation on TikTok.

The audience was outraged by Kanyari's monetary requests, but he explained throughout the show that he had never compelled anybody to provide him money.

It was people's free choice to send the KSh 310 contribution, he said, even if he had suggested it.

When asked about his supporters' willingness to provide money while knowing about the controversies encircling his ministry, Kanyari voiced his dissatisfaction.

Even if people had the freedom to choose not to engage in what they saw as a "scam," he wondered how they could do so willingly.

"You can't claim that asking for 310 made me wealthy. When I requested 310, did anyone feel compelled to send it?

"I was just saying on TV, and there is no one I held a gun against and told from today this is a gun; give me 310," Kanyari added, justifying his conduct.

Even without threats or pressure, Kanyari was perplexed by the fact that some people were ready to donate money.

He insisted that nobody had taken anything from them and challenged their reasoning for giving in to his demands.

"Who took money from you? Kanyari said, "Nobody stole from you," to emphasise his point of view and disprove claims of deceit.

Kanyari said in early January that the urgent need to overcome poverty, and not the assurance of miracles, was the driving force behind his appeal for financial donations from followers via the Panda Mbegu Initiative.

In an open confession, Kanyari said at his Nairobi Salvation Healing Ministry church that he had asked his followers for Sh310 not because he was seeking miraculous healings but so he could get out of his monetary jam.

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