Brian Chira's grandmother, Esther Njeri photo

Brian Chira's grandma, Esther Njeri, has sent a message to Baba Talisha. In an internet video, the grandma expressed her displeasure with Baba Talisha's assertion that she knew an awful lot about her family.

The grandmother said that Baba Talisha and his partner had mistreated her, considering they are youth. She went on to say that neither of the two wanted to see her surrounded by TikTokers. 

According to Chira's grandma, the change of circumstances has so severely disrupted her peace of mind that she is unable to sleep. 

She emphasized that anyone interested in investigating Chira's death should not give up because she wants to know what happened to her grandchild.

Brian Chira's grandmother accuses Baba T of inappropriate behavior.Baba T and Chira's grandma had a falling out a few weeks after Chira's death.

Brian Chira's grandmother asserted that she had not received all of the funds donated for her grandson's funeral.

The elderly grandmother stated that Baba Talisha and his alleged wife, Brenda Wanjiku, were in charge of everything.

"As if I were wearing a blindfold. They also confiscated my cell phone. It felt disrespectful when people contacted me to donate money but couldn't get through. We are still unaware of the entire amount in the account. All matters pertaining to the account were within Baba Talisha's jurisdiction. During the time when the Kenyans were making their contributions, they took away my phone, so I was unable to use it," the woman said.

In order to answer and disprove all of the charges brought against him, Baba Talisha went live. 

He continued by saying that he would never regret being good to someone, even if it stings because after helping someone in need, that person turned against him. However, he vowed to sue her for defamation.

"If you truly knew who this Shosho is at this moment... It seems like I should apologise to Chira's grandpa. I really apologise to her. Mother, you truly don't know her. Let me just stop talking about what really transpired between Watu wa Githunguri wenye wanajua huyo shosho. Regardless of what Shosho has done for me today, I doubt I would ever use social media for charitable purposes."

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