President Ruto declared a national holiday on Friday, May 10th

President Ruto declared a national holiday on Friday, May 10th, to honor those lost due to floods as well as for Kenyans to plant trees.


In order to encourage the planting of one hundred million trees throughout Kenya, the government has designated Monday as a national holiday. There are hundreds of individuals who have accepted the offer in Nairobi.


In response to the most severe drought that has affected the Horn of Africa in the last four decades, Kenya's President William Ruto has committed to planting 15 billion trees by 2032 in order to boost the country's forest canopy.


Although it was pouring rain, families, students, and members of the public service got together on Monday to plant trees in a number of different spots across the capital city of Nairobi.


Another representative from the government, Joan Kirika, said that she had planted around fifty trees today. "This issue is a significant and essential commitment for the planet, especially when considering the unprecedented drought we've seen over several successive seasons."


Kirika also suggested that we celebrate this day every year, not as an official holiday but as a reminder to take action to protect the environment and consider the world.


In spite of the fact that William Ruto has said that he is concerned about climate change, environmental organisations were enraged by his statement in July that logging will begin after a five-year cease-fire.


He clarified that the state would only affect ancient trees in forests it has established and maintained. The aim is to broaden the economic sectors that rely on forest products and generate employment opportunities.

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