Geoffrey Karugo's infamous Lesedi Developers scam is back

Geoffrey Karugo's infamous Lesedi Developers scam appears to have resurfaced under the new name Bomalink Concepts. People have already lost a large amount of money to the new scam.

Even with their best attempts to project a different image, their modus operandi is uncannily similar: they take advantage of gullible people and cause them pain. 

Kenya's top blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi, shared another snippet after getting intel from his sources. 

"Hello, Nyakundi. Remember Mr. Geoffrey Karugo? What happened to the well-known Lesedi con artist who vanished? He just changed the name of his business to Bomalink Concepts and carried on as normal; he didn't really disappear. 

"In January of this year, my elderly, retired mother told me about a corporation that develops your property with 100% financing."The corporation keeps 70% of the earned rent, while the landowner retains the remaining 30%. It was beneficial because my mother had always wanted to buy a house or apartment.

Geoffrey Karugo's infamous Lesedi Developers scam is back

"When we dropped by their Westpark Suites offices on the sixth floor, we started up a conversation."

"Although the idea was fantastic, we had to pay Ksh. 100,000 for a "visibility fee" before they could start."

"My mother collected her pension and paid it in."They informed us that the building would commence three months after receiving the report, followed by a site inspection in a month.

"We paid and went back home to wait for the construction and site inspection."That was the last day we heard from them," sources claim.

"Each time we get in touch with them after more than five months, they always have an explanation ready."

"The individual in question wasn't there when we went to the office, but he contacted us this week to let us know that he has left Bomalink and that we won't be receiving our money back," the source added.

He was honest enough to draw attention to the ways in which a particular Geoffrey Kiragu uses land, fake titles, and the well-known Joint Venture scam to con unsuspecting Kenyans.

"In order to get our money back, we inquired for his contact details, but he has never answered our calls or left a message. Geoffrey Kiragu has two WhatsApp numbers: 0727629386 and +447572411835.

"He co-manages the company with his partner Diana, who goes by the moniker Investment with Dee: +254793470470," the source added.

Geoffrey Karugo's infamous Lesedi Developers scam is back

According to sources, they have asked every single victim of Geoffrey's deception to come forward, warning them that the mainstream media will visit their offices if they haven't already.

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