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A dramatic event occurred near Kongowea Market when police apprehended criminals who were trying to sell a stolen laptop and other expensive items.

The thugs were unaware that the people they thought might be potential buyers for a quick sale were actually police investigators assigned to investigate.

The burglars had broken into a home in Nyali, Mombasa, and taken a number of items, including a 65-inch television, an Apple laptop, and a few pieces of audio equipment.

Despite the fact that the house's owner was absent and was in Tanzania for a work-related event, she was to return to the house four days after the burglary occurred.

Zeitun Abdallah reported the incident to the authorities through her cousin. When the investigators were on public transport to Nyali, they happened to land in the same matatu as the criminals, who were seeking a market for the stuff they had stolen prior to their arrival.

When one of the thieves was talking to another individual over the phone, he said, "Niko na notebook. I have a notebook from Apple, and I want to sell it."

"I also have a television, motorbike, and desktop, and I would like to meet you in person."

When one of the officers, who was interested in laptop marketing at the time, became interested in the transaction, he did so in a lighthearted manner, without using any background information.

Numbers were traded between them. Everyone continued on with the adventure, moving in their own direction. They agreed to meet the next day at a residence in the Kongewea area to discuss the transaction.

On the other hand, the detective saw something peculiar: the residence that the guy had come from was littered with electrical products and was not in excellent condition. While his accomplice was waiting behind him, the guy presented the laptop.

When the police looked at the laptop, they saw that it was identical to the description that Zeitun had provided. And just as if fate had arranged it so that the burglars were on their forty-first day, they also dropped hints that they had a lovely television to sell.

It was the same television that alerted them, and the investigators knew that they had solved the case when they apprehended the burglars.

On the other hand, they did not make a scene; they paid for the items and then went. However, they struck an hour later after requesting assistance, and a brief exchange of fire led to the apprehending of the four thieves.

Zeitun immediately called Dr. Kiwanga on +254769404965as soon as she learned that someone had broken into her home through her cousin, who visited her in surprise.

Her cousin had found the gate, Zeitun's house, and other areas open. Despite being in Tanzania, she warned her.

The Kiwanga doctors assured her that they would take the necessary steps to apprehend the perpetrators. She also called her husband, who is a senior police officer, and briefed him on the ordeal.


The Kiwanga Doctors said, "Just give us 24 hours, and they will be lost, and they are going to begin making dumb blunders."

In this manner, the famous Kiwanga Doctors were able to assist in the capture of notorious robbers who had been terrorising people at the coast.

In twenty-four hours, and often on the same day that victims are freed, Kiwanga doctors claim that their spell-casting abilities begin to take effect.

They are able to manage a wide variety of general issues, including but not limited to winning court battles, winning the lottery, safeguarding one's family and property, and properly predicting one's future.


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