Tony Mburu, the founder of Arbitrage Pay, vanishes with millions from investors on the financial platform. Arbitrage pay in Kenya has been on the rise since conception, with the first batch of customers milking thousands.

Antony Kamunyu Mburu

Antony Kamunyu Mburu, the founder of Arbitrage Pay Kenya, is a financial expert who posts videos on various platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, with the aim of increasing your savings and investing for the future. 

He comes from Kiambu and has been on the run since pay day for the investors reached.


Antony Mburu running away

"There's this guy called Tony Mburu. He had an online platform called Arbitrage Pay, which had almost 5000 people. We invested money in it, but when it came to paying, he started giving stories and finally went mute.

Antony Mburu running away

"Some of us took out loans to invest, which has left our money stuck. Is there a way we can make him refund our cash? Please help. I still see him on YouTube doing talks, but he's unreachable," an investor said.

He was truly in business, and you were one of his customers. In Kenya, it is good to do a proper background check. Before you invest anywhere, dig up every detailDubious companies that promise quick money and services have conned the majority of people in the country.s.


A pyramid scheme is something people should avoid. There is a real story of someone who nearly committed suicide after taking out a loan to invest, only to experience frustration when it came time to win.


Antony Mburu running away

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