Parents of Form One students at Lenana School are up in arms over what they describe as a return to the 1990s bullying culture.

They accuse the school's administration (particularly Principal William Kemei) of ignoring their concerns and being unresponsive to the ongoing issues.

Principal William Kemei photo

Several parents have reported that older students are bullying their children. They believed they had eradicated this shocking practice years ago.

One concerned parent, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, "My child has suffered humiliation and physical abuse, and the administration seems indifferent."

Parents claim that Principal William Kemei keeps repeatedly dismissing their complaints. "The principal arrogantly tells parents to sue him or report him anywhere." He claims to have connections with high-ranking officials, including top officials in the State House and the Education Ministry," said a frustrated parent.

Aside from bullying, parents have also raised issues about the school’s academic performance. 

Many teachers are reportedly absent, which is negatively impacting the students' education.

"The teachers' attendance is appalling, and the students are suffering as a result."

Due to these unresolved issues, some parents have already moved their children to other schools, while others are actively looking for alternatives. 

"I am currently searching for another school due to my concern for my child's safety." Another parent expressed, "I don't want to receive a call informing me that my son has died or suffered harm."

Parents recently voiced their frustrations at a meeting, but all of their complaints encountered resistance.

One of the parents reported, "We simply received a reprimand."

One of the most alarming allegations is that prefects are reportedly administering physical punishments to younger students.

"How can this be acceptable?" asked a parent who spoke to us on Tuesday.

During the meeting, which took place from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., parents also discussed the deplorable state of classrooms, which do not provide a conducive learning environment.

Some teachers are accused of prioritising remedial classes, which are paid extra over regular classes. 

Teachers of mathematics and Kiswahili have come under fire for their poor attendance and unfriendly behavior toward students.

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