Wednesday, July 24, 2024

7000 families to spend their night on cold after state demolished Kiambea, Kariobangi informal settlement

Kiambea informal settlement demolished by State. FILE
Kiambea informal settlement demolished by State. FILE

State evicts people from an informal settlement in Kariobangi called Kiambea. The government demolished homes and left 7000 people homeless.

“The land indeed belongs to the State, evicting people during Corona pandemic is inhumane, and they can’t leave Nairobi. They were given 24hrs notice.,” says an activist Boniface Mwangi.

However, the Courts stopped the process on 3rd May 2020 after their lawyer Dr John Khaminwa through Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi went to court.

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” Dr John Khaminwa, Advocate for Kariobangi Sewerage Farmers Self Help Group obtained this order yesterday. He has called to inform me that the eviction was supervised by the Police this morning. Of what value is the Justice system if a Court order cannot be obeyed by Government?, says LSK President.

” What’s worse, the courts had issued orders on 3rd May 2020 preventing the demolition of the houses pending the hearing and determination of a case a section of the residents had taken to court, Dr John Khaminwa, the advocate said.