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A Congregation shocked after assistant pastor collected all church furniture to start a new church in a cheating revenge mission -Masinga

JBC church in Masinga. PHOTO | FILE
JBC church in Masinga. PHOTO | FILE

Pastor Benson Musuva of JBC church and his congregation in Kaema, Masinga shocked after their assistant pastor collected all the chairs, pulpit, and other church furniture to start another church at Kiritiri.

The cause was not known because the two had been best friends since they began serving the church two years ago,  ”said a follower.

“Last Sunday the assistant pastor came to the church, lamented about pastors’ behavior saying he has destroyed the church, ” the follower added.
 “I personally don’t want you here. You have been a radical and I will make you go. We’ll find another pastor to lead us. Your leadership has been questionable and since you came, our church has no progress, ” the assistant pastor confronted the pastor.
 “What irritates you? Why do you call me a despot? Do you have a demon of lust? I’m not going anywhere, you alone won’t get me out of here, ”the pastor replied in front of the congregation. 

It is said that the assistant pastor became angry and walked away saying he will come for the church furniture claiming he was the one who bought them. 

“If you refuse to leave, I will go with my property. I will leave with what I bought. I will leave with what you found here, ” the assistant pastor added while walking out of the church last Sunday.
Today, the Pastor was shocked to find out the church is empty. The followers had to make their service while standing.
One member of the church who sought anonymity said the Pastor involved in Love affairs with the assistant pastor’s wife. Two weeks ago the assistant pastor traced their moves and found them in one of the Lodges at Kangundo, Machakos.