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Babe Salamiana! After dumping Jackie Matubia, actor Blessing Lung’aho found love with Irene Mulita

After a disastrous romance with Jackie Matubia, actor Blessing Lung’aho found love with Irene Mulita.

As they enjoyed valuable time together at the Lake Elementaita Manor, Lung’aho and Mulita showed their affection for one another.

Mulita sat on a bed with Lung’aho, who wore a white t-shirt and shorts, in a video that she shared on Instagram. Lung’aho was also wearing white.

The actor’s habit of addressing his girlfriend with the affectionate term “babe” made it very evident that he and Mulita are romantically involved.

After dumping Jackie Matubia, actor Blessing Lung'aho found love with Irene Mulita

“Salamiana, babe,” Lung’aho said to Irene Mulita across the camera.

“Hi,” Mulita said in reply.

“Nko wapi? Do you think you can predict where the tickets will be? And you, darling,” Lung’aho interjected.

Several men and women, including Lung’aho and Mulita, were lounging around the resort’s pool by the lakeside.

For the group’s next pool party on February 3, Lung’aho announced that he would be giving away complimentary tickets.

After seeing his ex-girlfriend Jackie Matubia dance passionately with Maurice Kivs, Blessing Lung’aho revealed Irene Mulita as his new love a few weeks later.

Matubia shared a video of herself and Maurice Kivs cuddling on Instagram Story in December 2023.

Their passionate dance to “Perfect Design,” a love song by Nyashinski, was captured in a little video she posted elsewhere.

Jackie Matubia enthusiastically promoted her man’s Public Display of Affection (PDA) and invited admirers to propose wedding dates in the captions.

“Is this how he holds you? Innit, new guy. The bride-to-be included her preferred wedding date and location in her correspondence with the groom.”