Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Childless Shosh! Sheila Mwanyigha fights online trolls over barrenness

Sheila Mwanyigha photo
Sheila Mwanyigha, a well-known media personality, started a conversation about cyberbullying after she was harassed by a Twitter user who identified as female.
The former TV and radio host was attacked by a troll on November 1 after sharing a photo on the popular website.
Sheila wrote “Hello November” as the caption for a picture of herself working out.
A user named @RomanosNiche, who is X, commented on the post and called Sheila a “Shosh” (Grandma).
Sheila wrote back right away, saying, “Hey child with no inheritance.”
The media personality and the internet user engaged in a back-and-forth over Sheila’s age, during which she was body-shamed and insulted repeatedly.
The X user commented, “Being childless and going through a midlife crisis is worse than not having an inheritance…fallen soldiers.”
The cyberbully posted another tweet, saying, “Since you do not have any children of your own, would you consider adopting a young man to massage your ageing joints? It does not bother me to change your d!ldo.”
Sheila replied, “Oooooh you poor dear,” in response. Is that the reason behind your pain? I hope you find peace and acceptance. Being you cannot be simple.
Sheila Mwanyigha trolls online
Sheila Mwanyigha started a discussion on Instagram on Monday regarding her experience with the cyberbully.
The host of “SheilaLivesOutLoud” discussed the experience of maturing as a young lady, emphasizing the different anniversaries and obligations that accompany ageing. 
She highlights the constant target on women’s backs, highlighting the expectations and cautions from society, and she brings up the pervasive problem of ageism against women.
Is it possible for us to speak? As a young woman growing up, you commemorate each year that passes and mark your growth as you become older and take on greater responsibility. It seems like only moments ago you were learning how to walk. You are cooking ugali for the first time next! Then high school arrives, and you navigate through four years of being away from home as a big girl. You have identification indicating that you are eligible to vote when you return. As you follow your dreams as an adult, a plethora of milestones follow,” the author wrote.

Sheila Mwanyigha trolls online

“There is a lot of talk about women in the workplace and society,” the author continues. Remain alert at all times. Constantly be alert. Considering that someone will always be looking for you. There will always be someone chasing you, even if you are staying hydrated and taking care of yourself. Wow, last week was quite eventful for me!
In light of the upcoming 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, Sheila called attention to the continued abuse and violence against women in online forums, where trolls use their anonymity to target women based on their age, marital status, or motherhood.
These remarks (see images) were left by an unknown person on a post I recently made on X. His best insult receptacle was filled with jabs dipped in the molten pot of ageism toward women. In a desperate attempt to gain influence, all he could offer was a long list of age-related insults.
“Aging will be a point of offence against you. It is simply unbelievable how that even makes sense. However, it is possible and will occur. The tool designed to harm ALL women is age. Guys, what say you? I will refrain from responding to that, but if you want to, guys, leave a comment! Through Sheila.
In her closing remarks, Sheila questioned the wisdom of using age as a weapon against women, urging women to accept ageing without fear of embarrassment or mockery and extending an invitation to others to discuss their own experiences with this kind of cyberbullying.