Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Eldoret Police officer shoots himself to death after asking for permission from OCS

Within the station, a police officer accidentally shoots himself to death after wrongly dismantling his firearm. 
Police officer shoots himself on this head

When he was clocking out of work, a police officer shot himself tragically inside the station. 
A police report said that the officer had gone to the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) to ask for permission to go to Eldoret Township in order to take care of his personal matters. 
The request was approved by the chief of police, but before the officer could execute his tasks, he had to check out and turn in his gun.
The officer hurried to the Armoury and started dismantling the gun, according to preliminary findings.
The officer mistakenly pulled the trigger, firing the last shot, after taking out the magazine with one round of ammo still in the chamber. 
His top rear of his skull was where the bullet left its mark after passing through his lower jaw.
After the gunfire, the corporal was already laying in the bloody pool at the police station’s Armoury area when OCS Kipkaren and his deputy arrived on the scene.
In Turbo, the Crime Scene Investigations Officers and the Deputy Sub-County Criminal Investigations Officer (SCCIO) worked together to analyse and record the scene. The Sub-County Police Commander.
A portion of the report said, “The body was removed to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) Eldoret hospital mortuary awaiting autopsy.”