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Hakuna ya Vanilla au Strawberry , Guardian Angel protests his wife Esther Musila over marrying another wife

Protective Guardian Angel defends Esther Musila

“Kitu Ni Moja, Hakuna Ya Vanilla Au Strawberry” Protective Guardian Angel defends Esther Musila regarding divorcing and marrying another wife.

Gospel musician Guardian Angel has made up his mind not to marry again. The well-known Rada hitmaker recently stated in an interview with Digital Reporters that he was happy with his current wife, Esther Musila. 
He was very clear that he would face difficulties if he started dating again.
The Guardian Angel clarified that because David and Solomon, two biblical characters, had different divine graces guiding them in different situations, he cannot emulate their example of having multiple wives. 
“My grace cannot accommodate theirs; they had a different grace. At the moment, managing just one can be difficult on occasion. 
Despite the fact that I enjoy the process, managing the responsibilities of one woman is not an easy feat. 
The stepfather of three stated, “I think having a second wife would cause pain.”
Guardian Angel vehemently declared that he does not want to go through such difficulties, citing his observations of the difficulties associated with polygamous relationships. 
He went on to say that by remaining faithful to one woman, a man can prosper and find serenity. 
He underlined the significance of a man’s heart finding fulfillment and growth with a single partner, drawing on the lessons learned from his family history, where he saw the struggles his grandfathers faced with two wives. 
“I would not want to go through what my grandfathers went through with two wives; I have seen how their lives ended.” 
“Having a single wife can help a man’s heart grow and find peace. It is just one thing; there is no variation in this matter,” he said.
Guardian Angel’s wife, Esther Musila, also revealed that she gets a lot of men contacting her through direct messages. 
Nevertheless, she claimed that she just ignores them, blocking and removing those who are overly persistent. 
She made it clear that, in spite of the attention, she has no place for these kinds of relationships in her life. 
“They show up, but you choose to ignore them. You simply block and delete those who are extreme. There is no space for entertainment, despite the large number of them,” she said.