Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Kenya Atheists warn MP over anti-gay legislation, vows to fight for LGBTQ rights


LGBTQ community and Atheists

The Atheists in Kenya Organization has issued a strong condemnation of a recommendation made by Peter Kaluma, a member of parliament for Homa Bay Town, to present a law that would make gays and the advocacy of LGBT illegal in Kenya.

On Friday, February 24, 2023, the society’s president, Harrison Mumia, sent a statement to Kaluma in which he called the legislator’s conduct, emotions, and ideas regarding the LGBT community “unacceptable and shameful.”

The politician was criticised by Mumia for his attitude, and she said that as a professional and a legislator, atheists want him to defend human rights and not suppress those who identify as LGBTQ.

“The actions that you are taking are contributing to the oppression of a disadvantaged group in Kenya. You have highly set beliefs on how the structure of society should be. 

“We anticipate that you will be a supporter of gender equality concerning gender orientation,” Mumia remarked.

Atheists will fight against anti-gay legislation

The organisation has taken the stance that it would fight the law proposed by the MP both in the legislature and in the courts.

Previously, Kaluma said that he had communicated to Moses Wetangula, the Speaker of the National Assembly, to alert him of his plan to introduce the measure.


In his letter, the ODM Member of Parliament indicated that he intended to introduce laws that would ban LGBT and other unnatural high-risk behaviours and suggest punishments for anyone who engages in such behaviours.

In part, the letter said, “I aim to propose a law to ban and punish LGBT and other unnatural actions and to further penalise the advocacy of such acts.” This statement was made about the legislation that will be introduced.

According to statements made by Kaluma, his proposed legislation would bring together all of the current regulations that are related to unnatural or unhealthy behaviours.

The vocal politician claims that the new bill would attempt to enhance the punishment for individuals who are found guilty of participating in LGBTQ activity or encourage LGBTQ people to serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

The statement went on to add that “the proposed legislation seeks to strengthen the provisions of article 45(2) of the constitution of Kenya and to protect the family would not only combine all current laws about unnatural high-risk behaviours but also enhance the punishment for those who are guilty of indulging in or promoting the actions to imprisonment for life or corresponding term.” 

“The proposed law intends to further the provisions of article 45(2) of the Constitution of Kenya and to protect the family.”

In Kenya, gay marriage and other LGBTQ related are punishable offences.

In 2019, the High Court affirmed regulations that make it illegal to engage in gay activity with another adult who has given their permission.