Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Mr Ibu children jailed for stealing Sh 10 Million hospital donations taken by John Okafor’s wife

Authorities in Lagos have KSH 9 million, which was purportedly taken from the compromised bank account of sick Nollywood star John Okafor, also known as ‘Mr Ibu’, according to investigators at the Force Criminal Investigation Department Annex in Alagbon, Ikoyi.

As a result, Jasmine Okekeagwu and Onyebuchi Okafor, who is also the son of Mr. Ibu, were both taken into custody. Following that, they faced accusations of theft and fraud in court.

According to FCID spokesperson Mayegun Aminat, Stella Maris Okafor, the spouse of Mr. Ibu, petitioned the Diamond Waves Law on her behalf on September 6, 2023, leading to her arrest.

The suit claimed that Jasmine Okekeagwu, Mr. Ibu’s sons, Daniel and Valentine Okafor, and Mrs. Ibu plotted to cheat Mr. Ibu.

Mr Ibu photo

According to Mrs. Aminat, the police inquiry demonstrated that Mr. Ibu had launched a public crowdfunding campaign to pay for his medical expenditures. This campaign drew contributions from fans, celebrities, and members of the general public.

Mrs. Stella Maris Chinyere Okafor, Mr. Ibu’s wife, initially handled the money for medical bills and family assistance.

“However, according to her, Onyebuchi Daniel Okafor and Jasmine Chioma Okekeagwu fraudulently tricked Mrs. Stella Maris Okafor into giving them access to Mr. Ibu’s phone and his banking details,” she informed.

According to her, the two people fraudulently transferred funds from the public fundraising account to Onyebuchi Okafor’s personal bank account after stealing Mr. Ibu’s mobile banking apps, deleting them, and installing a new one on Onyebuchi Okafor’s phone.

It was alleged that a sum of KSH 10 million had been unlawfully shifted prior to their detention.

Forensic analysis, according to Mrs. Aminat, followed the stolen money to Onyebuchi Okafor’s account; there, it was found that KSh 1 million had been spent on dubious activities, but the other KSh 9 million had been retrieved.

The two suspects, Jasmine Okekeagwu and Onyebuchi Okafor, were found to have tied the knot in a fake ceremony at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry. Their plot to flee the nation and settle down with their illicit gains was uncovered during the investigations.

Prior to their detention, they had already taken steps towards the plan’s realisation by applying for a UK visa.

As part of their inquiry, investigators found WhatsApp chats exchanged between Okekeagwu and Okafor, in which the two men laid out their criminal plot in great detail.

The matter has been postponed to March 11, 2024, and Onyebuchi Okafor and Jasmine Okekeagwu will appear in Chief Magistrate’s Court 1, Yaba, on charges.

Bail was set at KSh 2 million for each of them, with two security deposits each posted for the same amount.

For further legal counsel, the case file was officially sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ Office.