Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Popular Pastor closes church after winning a bet he placed using full Sunday tithes


Ugandan pastor beat from tithe and wins big

Members of the congregation and neighbours in Uganda are startled that a pastor in Uganda has decided to close his church after making a significant amount of money via sports betting. The man of God says he used the entire Sunday tithe to bet the fortune. 

According to the neighbours, a man of God performed a number of outdoor crusades in the region, during which he recounted the story of a heavenly experience he had with the Supreme Being.

This is what Miss Martha had to say about Pastor Tim: “He shared enormous dreams and provided very big testimonies, saying that God had selected him to be an ambassador of heaven on earth.”

On the other hand, the pastor made the decision to shut down the church after winning more than 3,480,000 Kenyan Shillings via sports betting.

And now, much to the surprise of many people, the pastor has disclosed the true purpose he had in mind when he first started the church.

“As you can see, many preachers are able to amass millions of cash by attracting large audiences to their churches and gatherings. It is necessary for me to confess that I established this church because of ‘greed’ but not because of anointing,” he said.

The man of God who converted gamblers claims that his hopes of making millions of dollars from the church were not satisfied, which is what compelled him to look for other opportunities.

“From the beginning, I had every intention of shutting down the church; nevertheless, I made the decision to take things carefully since I was completely reliant on the offerings for my sustenance.

“Roughly four years ago, I began my gambling career. I would use the money that I received as an offering and the tithes from the church to make wagers on a number of different platforms.

He continues by saying, “There were times when I would concoct a fictitious church project in order to acquire some funds for wagers over the weekend.”

However, Pastor Tim is now making preparations to utilise his wealth to broaden the scope of his ministry.

“A businessman is what I am now. All along, my primary interest was in business. In a town that is quite a distance away from here, I want to open a large store. I am also going to get a great automobile. God has not forgotten about me,” he declares.

His move comes after Kakamega pastor Peter Wafula closed down his church after winning massively on his bets making him a millionaire. The pastor said he was betting from Tithes.