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Regina Manyara biography: Who is KBC Queen Regina Manyara making men waking up on Good Morning Show

Regina Gacheri Manyara is a skilled and accomplished television host who currently holds the top position at Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC). 

Regina Manyara photos and profile

Her captivating presentation style and insightful reporting have made her a favourite among viewers, causing many to switch from other networks to KBC.

Regina Manyara has an impressive academic background, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Communication from Daystar University between 2005 and 2009. 

She has since honed her skills in various areas of media, including radio, research, television, screenwriting, and news writing.

As a senior business reporter and television host at KBC, Regina Manyara has gained over nine years of valuable experience in the industry. 

Regina Manyara photos and profile

Her current role involves hosting the Good Morning Kenya show on KBC, where she continues to captivate audiences with engaging and informative content.

Despite her success, Regina Manyara has faced challenges in her career, including a physical assault by a drunk man in 2017. 

The incident occurred at 12:45 a.m. in the Rongai Maasai Lodge Area, just outside her house. 

The offender, Tom Ayeko Opiyo, knocked on her car, and when she got out to inspect the damage, they both got into a confrontation, which resulted in him attacking her.

Regina Manyara chose not to pursue legal action against Tom Ayeko Opiyo, as he had requested that she handle the issue out of court. 

However, the incident taught her the importance of being more vigilant and taking extra measures to ensure her safety, such as leaving work early.

Overall, Regina Manyara is a talented and dedicated professional who has made significant contributions to the media industry in Kenya. 

Regina Manyara photos and profile

Her commitment to delivering quality content and her ability to connect with audiences make her a valuable asset to KBC and the broader media landscape.