Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Vera Sidika explains why she broke up with Brown Mauzo, not clout!

After nearly three years of a largely happy marriage, Vera Sidika’s now-separated husband, Brown Mauzo, recently disclosed that the couple has decided to call it a split.
In a message thanking followers for their encouragement, the musician from the coast, who has two kids with the socialite, revealed they had decided to go their separate ways.
Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika photo before breakup
“Dear supporters and friends, I wanted to briefly share some news from my personal life. Vera Sidika and I have decided to separate ways after much thought,” he posted on Instagram.
In addition, he continued, “We have come to a place where it is best for both of us and our children, Asia Brown and Ice Brown, to move ahead independently. Our path together has been full of wonderful memories.” 
A sombre Mauzo continued by thanking the public for their ‘love and solidarity’ through their highly famous romance and announcing that they were starting a new chapter.
“We would like to express our gratitude to all of you for your unfailing love and support throughout our partnership. 
“Your words of support meant so much to us,” he added.
” We respectfully request that you sympathise as we begin this new chapter and respect our privacy at this time.”
After meeting in Mombasa in August 2020, Mauzo and Vera Sidika moved in together and were blessed with two children, Asia and Ice Brown.
Vera Sidika dispelled rumours of a breakup with Mauzo back in May by announcing that she wouldn’t exploit it as a promotional gimmick.
“Breakup clouts are tired, worn out, and lame. In the past five years, I haven’t performed a breakup clout. If I want to pursue influence, I always have original ideas, and you all know it, not this, ” she wrote.
“Please quit trying so hard. Not everything in life is based on power. Anything else than a breakup clout is impossible for me to perform. Everything that occurs occurs in reality.”