Wednesday, July 24, 2024

[VIDEO] Union Berlin Coach slaps harder Leroy Sane just months after being slapped by Sadio Mane

Leroy Sane slapped again by Union Berlin coach

Just months after Sadio Mane, who eventually joined Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia, slapped Leroy Sane, the coach of Union Berlin smacked him during a Bundesliga match.
Nenad Bjelica, coach of Union Berlin, made headlines in the Bundesliga when a controversial confrontation between Bayern Munich’s Leroy Sane and himself resulted in Bjelica’s dismissal. 
With his side down 1-0, the 52-year-old Croatian coach got into a heated argument that became violent, leaving supporters confused.
It was a shocking turn of events when Sane, a 28-year-old ex-Manchester City player, went to get the ball from Bjelica, who quickly grabbed it away. 
When Bjelica lost possession of the ball and shoved Sane in the face, the scene became even more chaotic on the sidelines, and the coaching staff hurried over to help.
The judgements of the referee were swift; Sane received a yellow card for his participation, and Bjelica was validly sent out for his behaviour. 
Fans and viewers were shocked by the occurrence, and their responses quickly spread over social media. 
Some users voiced their disapproval, saying things like, “He deserves a long ban.” Others called for harsh punishments. 
While some voiced their disapproval, others wondered why Bjelica had committed such a stunning deed, asking, “Why would he do that?” One onlooker said, “Surprised Sane is still standing. That is incredible!” after seeing Sane’s incredible strength. Then there must be some power among them.”
The fact that Leroy Sane has overcome hardship in the past adds another level of complexity to the developing plot. 
After last year’s humiliating Champions League defeat to Manchester City, he had an uncomfortable incident in the locker room when Sadio Mane smacked him.

An incident spoiled Union Berlin’s efforts only seconds after they had waited for a penalty appeal to be denied. 
Despitef all the drama, Bayern Munich nevertheless managed to pull ahead of second-place Borussia Dortmund by a single point in the Bundesliga.
Fans are left to wonder what this frightening conflict means in light of Sane’s history of sudden on-field confrontations, while the football world deals with the aftermath of this unexpected collision and Nenad Bjelica faces the possibility of a long suspension.