Wednesday, July 24, 2024

What are those powers President William Ruto gave Musalia Mudavadi


President William Ruto gave Musalia Mudavadi more powers
President William Ruto and PCS Musalia Mudavadi

President William Ruto gave Musalia Mudavadi, who was already the Prime Cabinet Secretary, more responsibilities. One of these was to keep an eye on the performance review system for all ministries, state departments, and state agencies.

This decision was made after the Executive Office of the President looked at the Financial Year 2021–2022 Performance Contracting Cycle for each ministry and agency in the state, as stated in a message sent by that office on February 28.

The Cabinet used the scary state of the country to explain why it was important to set up a leadership position for productivity to ensure transparency.

It is hoped that this will solidify efficiency as the campaign’s motto and also make it easier to keep an eye on things.

A portion of the declaration read as follows: “To realise this objective, the administration’s first contracting cycle will crystallise the ministerial priorities approved during the Cabinet retreat held at the beginning of the year.”

Also, the Cabinet decided to give an extra Ksh4 billion to help people all over the country who are suffering from drought.

This decision was made after they were provided with an update on the situation of the current drought and the help that is being provided to children who are enrolled in school via nutrition education.

In the North Rift area, the government has made it a top priority to stop cattle rustling and attacks by bandits. This mission has been given the highest possible priority.

In terms of education, the government gave its OK for early preparations for the 2023 KCSE, KCPE, and KPSEA tests.

Cabinet has given the directive that no student will be turned away from school for failing to wear their school uniform as long as they are still wearing their primary school uniforms.


The New Elevated Roles for Prime CS

The President and Deputy President have given this office the job of helping them manage and keep an eye on the government ministries and state departments.

In addition, he heads and organises the policy platform of the national government across all ministries and state departments in conjunction with the leaders of the parties that are represented in Parliament.

Mudavadi is expected to work with the Ministry of the Interior to keep an eye on how well national government policies are carried out.

In addition to these important jobs, the President’s Chief of Staff is in charge of running the Principal Secretaries Committees, evaluating projects, and doing any other jobs that the President gives them.