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Women remember bad things the man does in their entire relationship.

A woman shy away about husband misfortunes.

Women always remember the bad things a man did. Most of the ladies understand the negative side of the man. When a man learns how to make a lady happy and make her enjoy, it brings the lady to the lifestyle climax. The only problem with women will forget all the goodness the man did with only one mistake. Have you ever asked yourself if you can assist you x-girlfriend or women for that matter? The majority of people should understand and be appreciative in all circumstances of life. It's high time for people to learn from mistakes and be there for the other.

From the talks in television and radio shows, it shows that women will not even forget about the mistakes a man does. Men will always be there when given an opportunity to execute certain responsibility when he has the ability. The comments from men especially from the social media show  that the majority of them have been doomed and rendered useless. Men always go back to the ladies when given a chance of doing so. It is only  to the most of the women, not doing it because they only value money than the person. The only aspiring thing about women is that only part of life is being the most remembered. There are four things that are mostly remembered; the first day she made love, the hardest lollipop, the day she got the first baby and the last bad thing she ever came across.

A man could pay house rent for ten years. He could also be paying bills and take her out. The only aspects which may render the man useless are when what he used to do something and reduce abruptly. Things change over time but they are a noble to ladies. Can Men also remember their Clande back in time and promote them with something? Swallow the answer and comment your opinion.

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