Starehe Mp Charles Jaguar
Starehe Mp Charles Jaguar. PHOTO | FILE

The retirement age has been 60 years while in Politics and law some have gone up to 70 years.

Judiciary has Supreme Court judges who are above 70 years while politics there are few who are passed 70 years. 

Starehe Mp Charles Kanyi wants all Kenyans who work to retire at a uniform age. Due to an increase in the unemployment rate, Hon. Kanyi wants to reduce the rate by retirement.

 " We need to have a concrete plan for saving our nation. If we say we need youth to create jobs for themselves and we are employed by voters, that is blasphemy and hypocrisy. " Hon. Kanyi said.

Unveiling the proposal to change the employment terms, Stephen Kirogo, the chairman of the Public Service Commission, said this was the right thing to do to address the soaring bill in future. 

 Charles Jaguar Kanyi, the proponent of the amendment to reduce the retirement age to 50, believes the proposal will help create employment opportunities for college leavers.

 " Some people will work in the public service only to retire and continue working in political environments. A police officer will retire and look for a political seat, a judge will retire and resume working in a political seat and you have seen examples. We need to stop this," he added.

 " Let people be employed, get capital and at 50 years, they retire and employ themselves, " he stated.

 Hon. Kanyi tabled an Employment amendment bill in parliament to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 50, he urges that this will create jobs for well-educated youths. 

 The Starehe Mp said the move will help youths who are on the street with nothing.

 " Graduates are on the streets, no job. They don't have capital. They sleep hungry. Some sold their land to take their kids to school only to realize education is not the key to success." Hon. Kanyi said.

The problem the country will face is the Increasingly struggling to keep up with the soaring Pension Bill, a decision that was taken in 2009 to allow public workers to stay on for five more years, raising the retirement age from 55 to 60.

 Already, the country’s public sector pension burden has overburdened the taxpayer through the annual bill that is projected to cross the Sh110 billion mark this year.

 "We need fresh minds in every sector and as well as public offices. Recycling old men is the only disease Kenya has to get rid of to deter the unemployment problem, " he said.

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