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Chandaria business and innovation centre. PHOTO | KU

President Uhuru Kenyatta big four agenda was like predicting about a disaster in the country. That is when he came up with ambitious programmes to counter any havoc in the country. However, graft derailed all possible solutions and now its just guesswork.

 Laptop project through the Ministry of ICT was to spearhead the education sector even if it passes through calamities. He knew that in a disaster setup schools will be closed hence students and pupils will have to study online.

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 He came up with Universal health care. This was to caution and help Kenyans in terms of health related disaster. Meanwhile, cartel at National Hospital Insurance Fund(NHIF) swindled everything. The ministry of health imported containers with health-based treatment equipment and all were mismanaged and directed to personal gains. President Uhuru Kenyatta knew the cost of treatment will be high for some citizens. Today, naval virus treatment costs more than Sh 1 Million per person.

Due to calamities, housing is the most critical element. Affordable housing in the informal sector is the major challenge to the naval virus. However, because of expensive housing models, Kenyans cannot stay at home because of huge house rent. They have to go out to work to pay rent hence locking down becomes very difficult.

 Food security was the most important agenda in the big four.  Depending on importation and satisfying cartels can render the country in an unprecedented hunger of all time. Today no country is exporting food because it has fed its people who are being locked-down.  In Kenya today, there is no enough food to lockdown its people to control the virus but the only option is to limit movement.

 Local Manufacturing in Kenya has been a thorny issue. The government has been embracing multi-national firms forgetting local manufacturers. Keroche industry has been up and down to pave way for Danish brewery.  Several local companies have closed down due to unfavourable government business plans. Today, Toothpicks and earbuds are being imported from China.

However, due to the naval virus, the government have seen the ability of Kenyans in innovation, from making Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to making local ventilators. Given the chance in Kenya and government aid in innovation, the country can move from an importing country to exporting country.

The most challenging people are the Cartels. Cartels are in the government and out of the government. Most of the innovators are youths while the government is full of the old people. The youth innovate the old sabotage or make money out it.  When youths try to come up with local solutions the Old people import the same technology or same products from the western countries to fill the market and make money creating a direct death of local manufacturers.

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