China: No virus cases in Wuhan province, medics discharged all patients from all hospitals

Wuhan Medics citing relief. PHOTO | BMS
Wuhan Medics citing relief. PHOTO | BMS

Wuhan city that was the epicentre of the naval virus has no case of the infection in any of its hospitals. The healthy officials said they have discharged all the patients in the hospitals.

The novel virus believed to have begun in a wet market in Wuhan during the December holidays before spreading globally. Some 2.83 million people have been reported to be infected worldwide and 197,872 have died, according to a Reuters media tally.

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“The latest news is that by April 26, the number of new coronavirus patients in Wuhan was at zero, thanks to the joint efforts of Wuhan and medical staff from around the country,” National Health Commission spokesman Mi Feng said at a briefing.

The city had reported 46,452 cases, 56% of the national total. It saw 3,869 fatalities or 84% of China’s total.

Wuhan and the Hubei Province were put in lockdown near the end of January, with roads sealed, trains and planes cancelled and residents unable to move freely for more than two months.  However, despite the discharging all people from the hospitals, the hospitals' harbour medics who are still testing people.

The Chinese government has started deploying more medics to Africa, Europe and other Asian countries. The majority of the African countries are battling the disease because of inadequate and efficient equipment. 

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