Gikomba market taken down photos
Gikomba market. FILE

Gikomba traders found their stalls destroyed as the Nairobi Metropolitan Service wants to pave way for road construction.

It is just a week after the Gikomba market was razed down by an inferno.

It is a sad morning for Gikomba traders after their stalls were demolished days later after a fire incident, without giving notice that they want to expand the roads and give a better area for the traders.

Questions continue to bubble to the traders over the unconcluded investigation before bringing stalls down for road construction.

"I cannot understand how you burn down people's stalls at Gikomba, watch them rebuild without even filling lawsuits then bring them down also without any type of reimbursement, " a trader said.

Gikomba market traders crying photos

" The section that was razed down by fire in Gikomba has been fenced off for road expansion. In other words, the government of Kenya intentionally torched traders businesses, " another trader said.

A section of traders at Gikomba Market are counting losses after their stalls were demolished. They plead with the Nairobi Metropolitan Boss Major Mohamed Badi to look for an alternative place for them to continue with their business.

Gikomba the market is slowly but surely being done away with, really sad to watch as it is systematically being decimated.

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