On Monday, June 20, four tortured remains were found in Kijabe Forest, including renowned blogger and influencer Frank Obegi.

Before his social media account was deactivated, some friends had retweeted and someone saved it. The one tweet that stood out in particular was the one he pinned on May 9th, just a month before his death.
The tweet was a message to enjoy life as much as possible, notably because we will all leave this earth one day.

Frank Obegi who died at Kijabe forest was a scammer

His message was as follows: "We will leave this earth one day." So live the life you want to be remembered for, "a well-known phrase from the late Swedish musician Avicii's song "The Nights."
"Lonely Together," Frank wrote in another crucial tweet he sent last week.
The late Frank's brother told local news yesterday that his Kisii-based family was unaware that Frank had disappeared since last Tuesday.
Leyton claimed he was unaware that the late Frank, who was always online, had gone days without commenting and that Obegi's accounts had been terminated for unknown reasons.
It's alleged that a woman from the suspected murderers was used to lure the culprits. The deceased men had colluded and scammed over Sh 1 million online. 

Unverified reports say the blogger had also scammed several people on ATMs, SIM swapping and cryptocurrency business. 

"Since Tuesday, he has been gone." That was the last time he had been seen online, and it was also the last time I heard from him. I discovered that he had been inactive on social media after news of his death.

" His social networks have subsequently been erased, even though he was quite active on them," stated the deceased's brother.

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