President William Ruto opening 13th Parliament

President William Ruto opened the 13th Parliament with a heart-warming speech that most Kenyans said had revived their patriotic spirit. The hopes of Kenyans were elevated after the speech, as seen on social media.

President William Ruto said in his speech regarding saving and the economy, "  You cannot pretend you are saving by saving Sh200. For every Sh6,000 a Kenyan saves in a year, the government will contribute Sh3,000.

"For every 2 Ksh saved in the scheme to a max of Ksh. 6,000 a year, the government will contribute 1 Ksh for every 2 Ksh saved in the scheme.

 "We are overtaxing trade and under-taxing wealth; a culture we must change’, President Ruto during the opening of 13th Parliament.

"I will be seeking additional resources to support the bottom-up scaling of justice and empower the judiciary to acquire capacity. 

"We all serve the same boss, the people, and their sovereign interests are our operating principles and purpose. 

"The fact that the election was so close is an indication that what unites us is always much greater than what divides us.

"On the revenue side, I am committed and determined to ensure that our tax system is responsive to the needs of the economy. Those who are wealthy should pay more, and those at the bottom should pay what is proportional.

"The people of Kenya rightly expect a lot from us. This is our chance to achieve real change by working together to make Kenya a land of equal opportunity for all."

President William Ruto's speech ignited a debate about the economy in the country.

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