Anna Qabale Duba was given the Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award photo

The money from the Ksh. 30 million ($250,000) worldwide prize the Kenyan nurse received in May is being used to enhance the school she founded in her community in Tuba, Marsabit County.


Anna Qabale Duba was given the Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award for her work in her area to promote education and fight against old cultural norms like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).


Despite severe financial limitations, the 31-year-old, who works at the Marsabit County Referral Hospital, established a school in Tuba via her Qabale Duba Foundation to positively contribute to her society.


However, Ms. Duba claims she would expand the education centre, which now serves 160 students, with the money from the Aster Guardian award.


"The students attend my school in Turbi Marsabit County in the morning, and the parents attend in the afternoon. With the cash from Aster Guardian, I am now growing "According to Duba, Citizen Digital.


When the school is finished, she believes it will have more than 300 students enrolled. She also wants to build a place for adults to learn to read and write, a health centre for the community, and a place for students to stay.


The health professional earlier described her difficulties in starting school.


"Even if you have all the right intentions and the desire to assist, it won't help if there is no funding. I had to start again when I opened this school. I could barely fit six kids in the one tin-sheet classroom I had, Duba told UAE publication The National.


Duba said that once she received the Global Citizen Award in 2019, things improved.


My life was altered by the Aster prize. The community gave me 40,000 square meters of property, and work has started on a real school with grades one through eight, "she spoke to the media."


Duba received her nursing bachelor's degree in 2014. In 2016, she was accepted as a participant in the US-funded Mandela Washington Fellowship program.


The mother of two has a master's degree in epidemiology and is in charge of gender issues in Marsabit County right now.


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