Ugandan Singer Eddy Kenzo talks on his tattoo

Body tattoos are regarded as taboo in various Islamic scriptures, which is why when a Muslim dies in Uganda, they are chopped off. Eddy Kenzo, a singer, has warned that if someone tries to take his even after he dies, he will be furious.

Eddy Kenzo made it plain during an appearance on the news program "Ku Katebe" on NBS TV that no one ought to interfere with his body after he has passed away.

When making arrangements for his funeral, Eddy Kenzo gave the order that no one should mess with his tattoos because he would be upset and would only deal with Allah about them.

"After I pass away, no Muslim should trim or remove my tattoos; they will make me very angry. That is my decision, and when I pass away, my creator will have to deal with them "said Eddy Kenzo.

Doctrines claim that tattoo ink interferes with the purifying ritual one must perform daily before praying, rendering them unclean in God's eyes and hence Harram.

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