Jubilee party wrangles
Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni 

On February 8, Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni said that rebel MPs will face consequences for engaging with President William Ruto without the party's approval.

Kioni said that disciplinary measures were currently being implemented and that the MPs would ultimately be summoned to address allegations made against them.

"The meeting is not something I endorse. The members refused to ask for my perspective on the subject.

"Currently, sanctions are being taken against the individuals," he said.

Kioni went on to say that Ruto's action was an attempt to silence any critics of his government.

"We are certain that Ruto is using this action to silence anyone who has opposing views and make sure that no one can speak out against the wrongs committed by his fraudulent administration."

"He wants to raise taxes, sell off public assets like government parastatals, and enact laws without facing any resistance," he added.

Jubilee party wrangles

The former Ndaragwa lawmaker said that Ruto was purchasing any dissident view and that he had no good intentions for the nation.

Kioni also emphasized that the MPs' conduct had no impact on the party's participation in the Azimio Coalition.

"Those MPs present at the State House gathering have never been to one of our protests. That has no impact at all on what we do. 

"However, we will address the matter via our own party institutions," he revealed.

Kioni maintained that the party derived confidence from the people as a whole, regardless of whether the importance of the gathering casts the party in a bad light.

"The individuals who were elected to serve the people in Parliament are not there because they were thrown out by this dictatorship."

"Outside advocates for the rights of the people are the ones who are genuine leaders," he said.

Kioni said that the necessities of the people dictated Jubilee's party stance.

"Our citizens are suffering; therefore, in our upcoming demonstrations, starting with Mavoko, we will also start the "Njaa Movement" as part of the revolution," he said.

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