Before being admitted, students enrolling at Kereri Girls in Kisii must cut their hair.

According to sources, the on-call barbers who were waiting for a windfall had to cater to students with long hair.

According to sources, the school has a rule mandating all kids shave their hair.

In a video, a voice could be heard saying, "Welcome to Kereri Girls. To the girls who are here for the admission process and you have long hair, it is the school's policy that you be shaved."

"Please go to the barber to my left if you need help." I'm grateful."

Welcome, Kereri Girls

Kenyans have had different reactions to the video. Some have asked why some secondary schools let students have long hair and others don't.

"The blazing sun should not be employed to shave students' heads. The skin is shielded by the hair. I find it sad that we still support this foolishness," Robert Alai, a Kileleshwa MCA, stated.

Another issue with Kenyan schools is that they prioritize physical problems above pupils' wellbeing and mental health. According to MC GithinjiWaRuby, "a head that is properly shaven but has bad mental health is like a 2023 model Range Rover without an engine."

One Em-E said, "This shouldn't be a regulation for any institution."

For her part, Akoth Nyakwar Abely tweeted: "This is just wrong." You may be wondering how learning is related to "hair."

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