Controller of budget Margaret Nyakang'o photo
Controller of budget Margaret Nyakang'o

According to Margaret Nyakang'o, who serves as Controller of the Budget, she claims that she was coerced into signing off on Ksh. 15 billion shortly prior to the 2022 National Election.

When testifying on Tuesday in front of the Parliamentary Public Petitions Committee, Nyakang'o claimed that she had been coerced into approving Ksh. 6 billion for the purchase of telecommunications companies and Ksh. 9.5 billion from the annuity fund only a few days before elections on August 9.

The budget controller presented something she claimed to be a discussion that she had with Ukur Yatani, who had formerly worked for the Treasury.

The committee was informed that on August 4, 2022, a person who described themselves as CS Yatani wrote to Nyakang'o at 2:13 pm and said, "Good Afternoon, please also arrange similar permissions for the infrastructure ministry for sums of Ksgs8B (sic) and Ksh.2B."

At 3:33 p.m., one hour and 20 minutes later, the individual allegedly texted her a picture along with the message, "Please help us accelerate this."

She got yet another communication in a separate email that was sent one minute after the first one, which said, "H.E. could even phone you if we do not however address this before 4 pm.

According to Margaret, the response that she gave was, "Are you saying we have 26 minutes to finish the procedure?"

The supposed discussion continues with the individual writing, "He's just called, and I guaranteed that I have talked to you as well as that you guaranteed through the end of the day." This is shown on the record of the chat.

According to the allegations, he called back at 3:37 p.m. and said, "I know he will contact you again. He convinced a few of the men to go back to work and vowed that their bills would be paid in full by today.

After that, Margaret allegedly said, "The time demands up until tomorrow since I am still out of office," and Yatani allegedly instructed the budget controller, in a message that was claimed to have been received at 3:39 p.m., "You need to develop how to deal with it." I'm sorry, but I'll have to try."

Nyakang'o responded to the committee's question by stating that "it is not a black-and-white, yes-or-no" issue when she was asked why she chose not to say "no" to the purported intimidation.

"Before you get to that conclusion, there are a great many factors that we need to take into consideration. She said, "What I am saying is that there are flaws that need to be evaluated, and my institution has to be safeguarded."

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