Bottom Up! Millicent Omanga trending video

After the leaked viral video of CAS Millicent Omanga sleeping in a bottom-up position, Mike Sonko, Karen Nyamu, and others have come forward to defend the CAS.


The video began trending on Sunday night and continued through Monday, showing the CAS in a suggestive position and eliciting mixed reactions online.

Millicent Omanga's first post after trending online garnered massive comments with different opinions. ""Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you." Luke 10:19. Blessed day, peeps," Millicent Omanga posted. 

Millicent Omanga Video

Below are some reactions from the online community;


Private detective Jane Mugoh came to her defence, saying, "Good morning, girlfriend. Allow me to deal with some of these little boys. They behave like they don't have mothers, wives, sisters, or women in their lives. Who is innocent? You committed no crime by sleeping your style, your way. Ironically, I saw some women celebrate. God protect you. Big gals save lives."


Vincent Muturi posted, "Blessed day to you too, Madam CAS. You have just started to deliver on the promise by Kenya Kwanza that they will go the extra mile in terms of uniting Kenyans. Yesterday, all Kenyans across all political divides and religious affiliations were all united, courtesy of you, Madam Omanga. Bottom-up is real."

Victor Ochieng, "Blessed day too, Madam CAS, but remember to forgive and love your enemies, as also demanded in the Bible."


Sen. Karen Nyamu also defended Millicent Omanga's leaked video, saying, " Yes, I have seen the video, Mnanitumia. There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of there. We have all been sleeping without clothes at some point; what is the big deal? The focus must immediately shift from the woman to the fool taking that video. Kwani wewe ni mtoto? What is your intention? There are women you can't bring down. Shenzi kabisa wewe. In fact, nimeskia wakisema anakaa fiti sana. Mimi Kelvin Shaban ameniambia ata strungle ka nugu nayo. Keep your head up, Hon. Millicent Omanga, CAS."


Gladys Murebeh, " Ako na mat*ko kama yangu kabisaaa very nice...hiyo ndiyo position yetu ya kulala nayo after a successful 0rg@sm, nothing to be ashamed about, "


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