Millicent Omanga trending video and photos
Ex-Senator Millicent Omanga

Mike Sonko also gave some insights on the trending video involving CAS Millicent Omanga. The alleged video is claimed to be taken after the CAS left church on Saturday. However, the details still unknown.

The former Nairobi Governor claims that the sleeping position was due to her running and bloated stomach. he advised her to use that position to release more air to get much relief.

Mike Sonko said; 

Stop being dirty-minded and let's not spoil our CAS’ dignity! I remember very vividly on this day that the Hon. CAS was away on official duty when she called me.

We briefly spoke, and she told me she had a running and bloated stomach, and I advised her to take club soda or salt and hot water, then lie on her stomach all night.

Here she seems to be following the instructions I gave, innocently lying on her stomach and resting after a long day of tree planting and working for this country that she loves so much.

She even took the extra piece of advice where I told her to make sure she is ‘free’ so that she can pass gas in that position. Even as you can see from the photo, the bedsheets are still well spread, clearly showing that no vigorous activity had taken place.

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