Millicent Omanga in bed trending video today

CAS Millicent Omanga lights the holy month with an alleged video of her sleeping without clothes. 

The video has taken over social media with others refuting that the video must have been edited to give a certain impression. 

CAS Millicent Omanga has been trending of late after attending a wedding in Nakuru where Governor Susan Kihika's daughter who got married. 

Omanga had his long dress with a slit that exposed goodies that KOT put into discussion. 

The trending video today shows how she slept with her hips raised. Some Twitter DCI refuted claims that in the video it was Millicent Omanga. 

Most people on the social media says that was photoshoped picture but later put into motion. However,  we could not verify how possible that can be. 

On social media, this what people are saying; 

" Whoever recorded this alifanya makosa, why record hin millicent omanga?" Alfred Simba said. 

" Me watching Millicent Omanga video during this time of Ramadan.." Somali Bae. 

" All I have to say to Millicent Omanga is, EVEN WITH EVIDENCE, DENY! DENY! DENY!"Sesyline Wamuyu posted. 

Millicent Omanga in bed trending video today

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