Anne Nderitu, Registrar of Political Parties
 Anne Nderitu, Registrar of Political Parties.

In light of current disagreements, Anne Nderitu, Registrar of Political Parties, has spoken out to guide Jubilee Party members.

In a talk with Spice FM on Friday, Nderitu suggested that Jubilee sit down and organise its affairs.

"Jubilee has very responsible politicians; if they get together, they can work out their problems," she remarked.

Jubilee shouldn't take political disagreements personally, she said, since they might subsequently come to an understanding.

Because they must eventually go through the judicial procedure and the court will issue its ruling, "they still have another chance to get back together, make their party work, and resolve disputes."

The previous ruling party is still divided; one branch, under the leadership of Jeremiah Kioni, claims that former President Uhuru Kenyatta is the party leader, while the other, under the leadership of EALA MP Kanini Kega, claims that nominated MP Sabina Chege is the party leader.

Ann Nderitu, the RPP's Registrar of Political Parties, has said that she stands by her decision to affirm David Murathe and Jeremiah Kioni's expulsion as Jubilee Party members.

Nderitu said that the two actively participated in the disciplinary sessions and were informed that they were receiving punishment during an appearance on Spice FM on Friday, May 26.

She said that the removal process was done properly by the disciplinary committee and that, as a regulator, her office was required to abide by the party's decision.

"The punishment committee has heard from many who feel wronged by this situation. The party served them with the decision, and all of the sessions were recorded. The committee adhered to all legal requirements and the Political Parties Act," added Nderitu.

"The papers were provided to us, and we verified the service. Since they are not our members, it was our responsibility to ensure that due process was followed after we reviewed each step to ensure that it complied with the law. The party made the choice," she said.

Nderitu said that the choice as to whether to expel any member from the party rests with the party and that the only thing a registrar can do is verify that the law was upheld during the removal.

The Jubilee Party has formally removed Kioni and Murathe, according to a letter from the RPP that was released on Tuesday, May 23.

The registrar said that Kanini Kega, an EALA MP, was in charge of the new Jubilee Party leadership in a letter dated May 19, 2023, and written to the party's deputy secretary general, Joshua Kuttuny.

Political figures have made several assertions that the letter is outdated. Nderitu, however, claims it is just propaganda.

"Backdating is when you send out a new document after cancelling one that was already accessible. We haven't sent any further letters. When they claim the letter was backdated, I don't understand," she remarked.

The Kioni group has taken the case to the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal for additional hearings notwithstanding the Registrar of Political Parties' ruling, which has not yet been heard.


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