Raila Odinga the head of Azimio in Shakahola
Raila Odinga the head of the Azimio coalition

On Sunday, May 7, a video of Azimo Leader discussing the hazards of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) went global.

Raila visited Shakahola in Kilifi County on Friday, May 5, when the video was taken.

Raila said that the government had sneaked GMOs into the country just before he was refused access to Shakahola Forest, the scene of over 100 deaths under the control of cult leader Paul Mackenzie.

The administration has initiated a programme to import GMOs, which has put our nation in a very depressing situation.

The unfounded statements made by the former prime minister included: "When you consume GMOs, it produces negative consequences for your health, with men developing female organs and women starting to show the development in their male reproductive organs."

When delivering GMO corn, Raila urged authorities to take the same precautions as the United States.

Raila gave advice to the authorities on what to do, saying, "In the US, there is a regulation that stipulates that you have to identify any product that is GMO and differentiate it from naturally grown foods."

Kenyans responded to the video by dismissing Raila for making claims devoid of any supporting data.

One Twitter user suggested that Raila Odinga refrains from misleading the people in order to gain electoral advantages.

Another social media user backed up his claim by writing, "It seems that government officials will do everything just for the sake of getting Kenyans to return to the streets for demonstrations."

Earlier, President William Ruto had denied allegations that there had been a chance that GMOs might alter people's biology.

"Some leaders have been spreading false information, like the myth that consuming GMOs can cause men to develop breasts and women to develop beards."

On January 4, 2023, the President asked Kenyans, "Have you witnessed me develop breasts yet?" "I have been eating GMO foods."

He said they were opposed to his attempts to ensure the nation's food security, disregarding the opposition's accusations.

The cabinet removed a 2012 importation prohibition on genetically modified organisms on October 4, 2022.

On November 28, 2022, the High Court, however, ordered a halt on the shipment of GMO maize shortly after the Kenyan Peasants League, a farmer's lobbying organisation, filed a lawsuit against the cabinet's decision.

Raila Odinga and Roots Party George Wajackoyah were identified in October 2022 research by US company Alliance Science as the main propagandists of disinformation about genetically modified organisms in Africa.

According to the study, "prominent offenders included opposition figure Raila, who made many misleading statements about the harmful effects of GMOs on human health, and George Wajackoyah, who asserted that GMOs would cause men and women to develop abnormalities."

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