Georgina Njenga, an Instagram celebrity and the wife of former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya, aka Baha, claims to take care of all family expenses.

She revealed this in a chat with an Instagram user going by the handle Nurse_Judy_ke, who was shouting and exposed Baha for what she called scamming behaviour by asserting that he was about to be evicted.

Georgina and Baha

In one of the discussions, the mother of one claims she is aware that her husband would be in financial trouble as a result of a gambling addiction that prevented him from being able to pay their expenses.

"No, we are not being evicted. I'm not aware of anything like that. I pay all the expenses, and he didn't even let me know about this. He has a problem with gambling, but if anything, the money he did not borrow was probably for him rather than for us. "

A portion of the screenshots from the chat between Judy and Georgina stated, "I feel so awful that he's just exploiting our kid to gain money and simply gamble."

In contrast, Baha confessed in his reply that he is not OK and that he is now attempting to fix that.

Additionally, he disclosed that his social media profiles, which have respective followings of over 760K and 399.8K people on Instagram and TikTok, are for sale.

"Selling my Tiktok and Instagram accounts I'm not OK." The single parent of one wrote, "I'm working on it.

However, Baha hasn't publicly reacted to the accusations of gambling addiction.

An impulse-control problem is gambling addiction, which is sometimes referred to as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling, or gambling disease.

It is an unhealthy preoccupation with unrestrained gambling. Even when they are aware that the odds are against them and they cannot afford to lose, compulsive gamblers will continue to play whether they are flush or broke, in the black or in the red.

Online sports betting, scratch cards, roulette, poker, or slot machines at a casino are all forms of gambling.

Relationship problems, career disruptions, and financial ruin may all result from a gambling addiction. You could even take on massive debts or even steal money to gamble—things you never dreamed you'd do.

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