Pastor Ezekiel Odero

Prayer House of the New Life In contrast to the prior directive, Pastor Ezekiel Odero will only have to report to the officer in charge of the investigation once every thirty days rather than every week.

The conditions that were originally imposed on May 15, ordering him to report himself every Monday to the Investigation agent, were changed by Mombasa Senior Principal Magistrate Omido J.M.

According to the decision, "The appellant shall subsequently present to the Investigating officer every month on a day during each successive month along with a time that has been mutually agreed upon by the prosecution counsel and the defence counsel," beginning immediately.

Every week, Ezekiel has been volunteering his assistance to the Investigating officer who is leading the inquiry into the allegations that have been levelled against him.

Ezekiel scored a significant victory the previous week when the authorities reinstated his television station, making it possible for more than ten million of his supporters to watch his sermons online.

After the state increased its inquiries into the killings of Shakahola residents over allegations of cult preaching, World Evangelism TV was taken off the air in April.

The New Life International Prayer Centre and Church, where Ezekiel serves as the televangelist, is the organisation that owns the station.

Ezekiel has been fighting in court for months to get television channels turned back on. This fight has been going on for some time.

An inquiry has been opened after allegations that the preacher indoctrinated the people who followed him.

He is now free on bail, which is set at either 1.5 million shillings in cash or a bond of 3 million shillings with a surety bond of the same amount.


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